Tekno praises the feminine strength in new music Woman


Men and women are a very important part of any society and one cannot do without the other. However, the constant objectification of females has made some people speak up against the act.

Music is a way several singers use to entertain as well as to pass across important messages. Most songs by Nigerian artistes often describe women as sexual beings without acknowledging their other strengths. However, music star Tekno Miles, recently dropped a new single titled Woman which is probably aimed at celebrating feminine power. Unlike some of his tracks, Woman has a gentle vibe that would make one listen to the message rather than dance along.

The Pana Singer explained in his lyrics that woman are not just meant to be in the kitchen while being excluded from important meetings. He further explained that he would like his lady to be by his side and also achieve great feats.

However the star ventured off a bit from his message when he sang “Come whine it for daddy, control it mommy, I want to teach you the dance.” Perhaps after remembering the track is meant to glorify women, he continued: “A woman can be your helper, a woman can be your lover, a woman can be your teacher, a woman can be the president. You want your baby for kitchen, I want my baby beside me.

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